Why Do We Keep Pretending?

The charade began with the horrific attacks of 9-11. Then-President George W. Bush, Bush the Younger, announced Islam was a religion of peace. Bush danced gaily around the issue, as did Hillary Clinton and Senator McCain when he ran for the Presidency. Of course, Barry Sortero embraced Islam with open arms, as did his entire cabinet. Islam, the religion of peace.

A wise man once said ‘by their fruits, ye shall know them.’ Let’s look at some fruit that has ripened just in the past thirty days. United News of India reports that on October 27, 2019, an Islamic Taliban group in Kabul, Afghanistan placed a bomb on the ground near a school. Five children were killed and one severely injured when the bomb detonated as the school children, all under sixteen years of age, passed by.

On October 28, 2019, in northern Burkina Faso, the village of Pobe-Mengao, an Islamic group showed up demanding support to buy weapons. When the villagers, who are quite poor, refused to cooperate, the Islamists murdered sixteen of them and carted others off with them. Peaceful, eh?

Channels Television of Nigeria reports that on November 1, 2019, Islamic militants emerged from the jungle in Cabo Delgado Province, Mozambique, and machine-gunned ten innocent villagers to death. Who does that? Moving back to India, News 18, India reports that in the south Kashmir District Islamic militants entered an apartment building and murdered five migrant workers. That brings the total in the past week to eleven migrants killed.

Yet, in spite of overwhelming evidence, we keep on pretending Islam is a peaceful religion. And Islam is today involved in the slave trades. BBC News Arabic reported on October 31, 2019, and I quote, “Drive around the streets of Kuwait, and you won’t see these women. They are behind closed doors, deprived of their basic rights, unable to leave, and at risk of being sold to the highest bidder. But pick up a smartphone, and you can scroll through thousands of their pictures, categorized by race, and available to buy for a few thousand dollars. An undercover investigation by BBC News Arabic has found that domestic workers are being illegally bought and sold online in a booming black market.” Isn’t that lovely? And whose apps do they use on those smartphones? According to BBC Google, Apple, Facebook, and Instagram.

Jihad Watch reports on November 2, 2019, two ‘new Americans,’ Muslim brothers in Minnesota, were apprehended for conspiring to acquire and ship drone parts to Hezbollah, the Lebanese Islamic terrorist organization. From the indictment, it doesn’t appear their intentions were peaceful.

Do you know there were 87 Islamic terrorist attacks in 20 countries in October? Those 87 attacks resulted in 404 deaths and an additional 358 injured. In one month. In spite of these numbers, Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is calling for a cut in aid to our ally Israel. He wants to give the money cut to Hamas, the very violent Islamic terrorist organization fighting Israel. Since those immortal words of George the Younger on 9-11, ‘Islam is a peaceful religion,’ Islamic terrorists have murdered 35,874 human beings around the world.

As we sit here today, eighteen years later, our government still pretends Islam is a peaceful religion. We still kowtow to CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations), a designated terrorist organization in federal court. The Muslim Brotherhood is burrowing deeper into our government, all the while more Islamists are being elected to political office. Why do we keep pretending? You be the judge.

Source by Ed Kugler