Who Let Elon Musk’s Babysitters Take Off Early For Christmas?

Let’s say you’re a bored billionaire who (somehow) just escaped one major self-authored crisis unscathed, in spite of the mortal dangers to your billionaire status. What do you do? Lay low for a while? Focus on making your company some money? Don’t be silly: First, you spend some time editing your Wikipedia page. Then you evade your dwindling band of babysitters, press the home button on your phone, realize your stock price has crested $420, giggle a little, and then indulge in your most self-destructive vice by tweeting out a reminder of two other crises you inexplicably created with your trademark sense of, uh, humor, we guess.

Oh, Elon, we hope you never change. Then again, we aren’t Tesla shareholders.

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