What Is The State Of The Litigation Finance Industry? Please Share Your Insights

Over the past decade, we’ve seen both corporations and law firms not only accept litigation finance as an option, but embrace it as a powerful tool. The seemingly inexorable growth of the practice has been fueled by myriad factors, including the discard of misconceptions by the profession, favorable legal and regulatory developments, and the hard-to-deny returns achieved by the financiers. 

As it expands and evolves, we at Above the Law continue to strive to better understand the dynamics of the litigation finance industry. For the fourth time, we are asking practicing litigators and their in-house peers for insight into broader industry trends as well as their perceptions of specific litigation finance firms. 

Please take our brief (as always) survey and let us know what drives the decision to seek financing, how adoption varies among industries and categories of companies, and other topics. Regardless of the extent of your experience with litigation finance, we want to hear from you!

Take our survey here, or below!

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