What Happens Now If The High Court Won’t Hear Duel Citizen Cases Until October?

While many politicians have been caught out for holding duel citizenship the matter has been referred to the High Court of Australia for a ruling. This is a contentious affair as those who are affected may not have the right to sit in parliament. It is awkward for the government which has a one seat majority and is facing tough times ahead. The deputy Prime Minister is one who is under a cloud.

The country is rather tired of the back and forth slinging matches that are marring the business of governing the country and we are all hoping for a quick solution. As the matter will not be heard before October 10th at the earliest the situation is rather dire for the nation.

At least one member of parliament has stated that his solicitor needs that long just to prepare his case. That is a legitimate statement as it is probably the same with all who are to be assessed.

The question we are asking is can these members of parliament and the Senate pass any legislation and what happens to it if they are found not to be legitimate? This is a strange situation as it has never happened before to my knowledge. With the large number of migrants in the country it may happen more often so the court ruling will allow better provision to be made to deal with future cases.

The government is anxious for an early solution so that it can get on with running the country. If the court rules that those who have duel-citizenship cannot be in parliament there will be by-elections in their seats. At this time the polls are favouring the Labor Party and the chances of the Liberals losing government is a very strong possibility.

Source by Norma Holt