Wells Fargo Employees Turn Congress Into The HR Department They Wish They Had

It feels safe to say that Wells Fargo is a pretty miserable place to work these days. The hateful or pitying looks from customers, regulators, family, friends, potential CEOs, Warren Buffett, Jamie Dimon and other outsiders. Sharing an office with 25,000 other people reduced to eating only Popeyes. The bonuses, or lack thereof. The waiting around to see if you’re among the next crop of sacrificial lambs offered up in response to the next fuck-up by someone else. An HR department that sees its role as collecting, rather than addressing, complaints.

Well, some enterprising employees are doing something about the latter. And as with previous innovations by enterprising Wells employees, it’s bad news for the bank.

On March 25, an advocacy group called The Committee for Better Banks will participate in a House Financial Services Committee hearing titled “Holding Wells Fargo Accountable: Examining the Impact of the Bank’s Toxic Culture on Its Employees.” Two bank workers plan to testify….

“They’re able to work with Congress and representatives and kind of gives us a voice where they’ll actually do something about it,” Jackson told Reuters.

The group has been trying in vain to get management’s attention for years…. The group has not gotten an audience with any of the CEOs, but they have had success with Federal Reserve governors, Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and an Iowa lawmaker who used Wells Fargo employees as the face of her campaign to prevent offshoring.

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