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While you have been to Shimla, Kashmir, Kerela and other sought after Indian travel destinations, there may be few places which are still hidden under the canopies. Bhutan is a place that may not be on the ‘Frequently Visited Places in India” list, but people who have visited the place need no testimonials of Bhutan’s tranquil halo. For those who haven’t been on the land of pseudo Shangri-La, let us embark on a brief journey to this compact place.

Under the covers of rich history, spiritualism and ethnicity, Bhutan offers a stimulating combination of imposing mountains (often clad with snow), placid sceneries and pleasant weather. Bhutan is known by several names like Land of the Thunder Dragon, Shangri-La, Bootan and Druk Yul. Each name contributes to its features, making it mystical and enigmatic.

The heart of Bhutan’s culture is its capital Thimpu. This place has a scenic beauty that is enough to set your soul free on the serene mountains! Thimpu also lends an excellent location for trekking, hiking, river rafting and other wildlife excursions. Besides, it also offers various local markets selling exotic items at unbelievable prices. Or more yet, you can just saunter in Thimpu streets and enjoy the weekly markets!

Thimpu has a lot more to offer in terms of entertainment, knowledge, culture and ethnicity, but I would like to leave the rest for you to explore, though I would name some of its famous attractions like Tashichho Dzong, Simtokha Dzong, National Library, The High Court, The Royal Bhutan, Golf Course, Convention Centre, etc.

Buddhism is not only a religion but a way of life in Bhutan. The teachings of Buddhism resonates in every nook and corner, with monks and priests practicing the core Buddhist teachings. The aura of the land is such that your body and mind feel enlightened, with feelings of compassion and virtue for everyone.

So if you are enticed to experience this Shangri-La (much like James Hilton’s Lost Horizon), book your tickets and let all your tautness melts right away! However, visiting Bhutan in appropriate weather could enrich your experience. Bhutan being situated in the heart of mountains is severely cold in winters. Seasons of Spring and Autumn are mild with sky being bright and mountains clear. This period also bring Bhutan’s magic to forefront with most of the festivals taking place here. So if you visit Bhutan in the months of October and November, you get an opportunity of viewing The Thunder Dragon clad in different colored robes and delicate mists. Have a Happy Journey!

Source by Sanjeev Pandey