The Investigations Landscape: Findings From The H5 2019 Corporate Investigations Survey

Today, corporations are under unprecedented scrutiny.  Companies are being investigated not only by federal, state, and foreign government agencies, but also by private plaintiffs in a wide variety of litigations that place corporate conduct under a microscope.  In today’s increasingly intricate international legal and regulatory environment, investigations are more crucial — and complicated — than ever. We here at Above the Law partnered with our friends at H5 to take a deeper dive into the investigations space in order to better understand this intricate landscape. We took an in-depth look at the principal actors and their perception of trends, differences among categories of investigations — such as due diligence, cybersecurity, employee/workplace, and regulatory matters — and how those might vary within industries and across companies of different sizes.

In order to gain a better understanding of the investigations space, we fielded a survey targeting those in all roles and at all stages of investigatory process. We heard from those involved with the management and strategy of investigations, those whose responsibility it is to select and manage vendors and resources, and those who respond to investigations — and asked them to share their experiences on everything from how technological tools are leveraged to how they see the field changing in coming years. 

Download the report to read about the insights they shared and the future they see coming!

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