The Enhancing Craze of River Rafting

At the early age, we never thought of landing ourselves into a messed up situation but as we grew up, we started thinking of some crazy adventures which could result in some magnificent memories. This curiosity of adventure sports is enhancing with young individuals day by day and seeing this eagerness the government of India is also trying to establish numerous adventure spots in the country.

There are several places and islands in the world where the adventure sports like scuba diving, para gliding and water skiing are common. However, India is also not far behind with its extremely thrilling river rafting space present near Rishikesh.

As we all know about the strength in the flow of river Ganga, we can expect some adventure there. Hence, the government of India has marked its success in discovering and establishing a rafting campaign at Shivpuri near Rishikesh. Till now, this place has proved its metal by attracting a lot of tourist every year.

When India was struggling to shed off its religious image, this place incidentally came up as one adventure spot and pulled a lot of youngsters towards its river rafting rave. In the current times, many corporate events are being organized at this place which mostly includes one night camping and rafting.

Initially, it was a tough task to establish a camping spot here but at present, many camping companies have arrived at this place out of which one can make a selection according to his needs and desires. Besides river rafting, there are some other things like good food, volley ball court, high quality tents etc are present to lure many tourists from all over the world.

The place is turning out to be such a craze among the youngsters living in Delhi that its tough to find a booking here in all 12 months of the year. However, as the level of river water rises amidst the months of July to September, the place remains closed.

Hence, before spending a penny to experience adventure sports in some foreign country, one should see the river rafting opportunity in India only.

Source by Vibhav Gaur