The Best Law Schools For Diversity (2020)

Law schools have been doing their very best to recruit diverse students and professors; in fact, there’s now a record number of law school deans and faculty members of color, which is a big positive. If you’re a person of color searching for a law school where you’ll be truly valued for who you are as a person, rather than a law school where you’ll be nothing more than a face in marketing materials to promote diversity and inclusion efforts, then have we got a ranking for you.

In the latest edition of the Best Law Schools for Diversity ranking, National Jurist’s preLaw magazine presents the top law schools for each major minority category in the nation: African Americans, Asians, Hispanics, and Native Americans. The following criteria were considered for inclusion on this year’s list:

We graded each school on three data points: 1) Percentage of students in each ethnic group (50%); 2) Percentage of minority law professors (25%); 3) Diversity services offered by the school (25%).

Student enrollment was determined by adding the number of students who identify as members of each ethnic group with a ratio or students who are two or more races and dividing by the number of students for whom race is known. Data is from the ABA.

Faculty figures are based on the total number of minority faculty members at each school. Data provided by the ABA.

Services are based on: office or administrator who assists minorities (36%); bar exam preparation support (18%); whether the school has a mentoring program for minorities and/or first generation law students (11%); whether the school has student groups that promote the needs of each ethnicity (11%); whether the school has endowed scholarships for minorities (11%); whether the school offers a summer law school preparation program for admitted students (7%); whether the school offers employment workshops designed to help minority students (7%). Data provided by the schools.

Without further ado, here are the top 5 law schools for African American students, Asian students, Hispanic students, and Native American students:

African American Students

  1. Howard University School of Law
  2. Southern University
  3. Texas Southern University
  4. North Carolina Central University
  5. Florida A&M University

Asian Students

  1. University of Hawaii
  2. UC Irvine
  3. UC Davis School of Law
  4. UC Hastings
  5. Santa Clara Law

Hispanic Students

  1. Southwestern Law School
  2. UNM School of Law
  3. Texas Southern University
  4. Florida A&M University
  5. University of Miami School of Law

Native American Students

  1. UNM School of Law
  2. University of Oklahoma
  3. University of Arizona
  4. University of Tulsa
  5. Oklahoma City University

Congratulations to each of the law schools listed and all of their students!

Click here to see the full rankings, courtesy of preLaw magazine.

Best Law Schools For Diversity [preLaw magazine]

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