The $5 Million Coronavirus Law School Student Emergency Relief Fund

Coronavirus is hitting the legal profession hard. Not just in terms of health, but monetarily as the uncertainty around the disease has grown, leaving economic upheaval in its wake.

Law students have been in a vulnerable position in all of this mess. That’s why AccessLex Institute, a nonprofit organization that helps wannabe lawyers on their path to career success, has created a $5 million fund to help out during the pandemic. AccessLex is making $25,000 available to law schools (all the nonprofit or state-affiliated ABA-approved schools, that is). The money will go to each schools’ student emergency fund for the law school to administer as per their standard criteria.

As AccessLex Institute President and Chief Executive Officer Christopher P. Chapman said in a statement, it is “simply the right thing” to do:

“It is imperative that we act on our mission to positively impact the lives of law students in a tangible way when they need the support most. The establishment of the Emergency Relief Fund is simply the right thing for AccessLex to do during this unprecedented  time. It represents a targeted response in our effort to be there for those we serve everyday—the next generation of lawyers.”

Good for AccessLex, and hopefully the money will make these times a little less trying for law students.

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