Susman Godfrey Founder Seriously Injured

Stephen Susman remains unconscious and hospitalized today, according to a report in Law360, after a serious biking injury sustained on April 22.

Susman, an avid bicyclist, decided to spend the COVID lockdown in Houston where the weather allowed the 79-year-old to remain active. Unfortunately, while riding with some colleagues, Susman went over the handlebars when his front wheel struck an uneven spot on the pavement. As Law360 points out, Susman has run in 150-mile charity rides, making this a reminder that accidents can befall even the most experienced of riders. Be careful out there everyone.

We here at Above the Law are wishing Susman a speedy recovery and thinking of him, his family, and his firm.

Trial Attorney Stephen Susman Hospitalized After Bike Crash [Law360]

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