Steve Cohen Is Back (Relatively Speaking)!

As your go-to source for questions related to Steve Cohen’s back-ness—Is Steve Cohen back? Is he not because he never left? Why is he back? Does he really want to be back at all? How much is Steve Cohen’s being back costing him? How long do you have to be back with the newly-back Steve Cohen? What will the back Steve Cohen’s nom de hedge be? Who is back with Steve Cohen? Just how back is Steve Cohen in Steve Cohen terms? Should Steve Cohen have come back at all? Who is driving Steve Cohen’s back-ness? Will Steve Cohen stay back?—we are obliged to inform you: Steve Cohen is definitely back. By hedge fund standards.

The average hedge fund this year is up 8.5 percent, a marked improvement from the average 6.7 percent loss they managed in 2018. Unfortunately, the rebound is still short of the S&P 500 index, which was up almost 30 percent this year…. Point72 Asset Management’s Steve Cohen, the potential new owner of the New York Mets, had a home run in 2019 with 13 percent returns as of the end of November.

Apology not actually offered is hereby rescinded. Money, please.

Steve Cohen one of the few bright spots in bad year for hedge funds [Thornton/N.Y. Post]

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