State Sends Out Fake Bar Results As Part Of Beta Test

Don’t worry, maybe you didn’t fail…

If only there were a way to test new technology without torturing a bunch of people enduring the most stressful waiting period of their lives during a pandemic. Alas, Colorado couldn’t think of one and blasted a notification to February bar examinees informing them that they should check their results.

It all looked official to examinees, even though they had been told that results wouldn’t be out for 3 more weeks:

Then things go awry. One tipster explains what happened after seeing the pass notification:

Obviously, I am very excited and tell everyone I know, including the dean of my law school (who sends out a message to all of the 3L’s at the school). After a few hours and after signing up for the mandatory CLE for admissions, I get a message from a professor, who I had told, that the results may not be legit and to check their site, I see that they were Beta testing and that the results sent out are not accurate.

The most insane thing about this is that it doesn’t even make sense as a “Beta test.” If the purpose of the test is to make sure examinees (a) will receive the notification and (b) be able to securely access a message intended just for them, then rather than go to the trouble of prematurely announcing results and definitely rather than giving those examinees fake results, Colorado could have just sent some kind of notification that things are still on track and maybe a “please access your personal account to verify.”

I have attempted to contact the Office of Attorney Admissions several times with no response. I have several friends who have told all of their friends and family as well. It seems like a very awful thing to do considering we are locked down due to a pandemic.

Well, in fairness, it only seems like a very awful thing to do because it is a very awful thing to do. The only saving grace for Colorado right now is if the results they accidentally released turn out to be the real results instead of randomly generated dummy results. And if that’s the case, the full results should be released today, pre-existing timelines be damned.

And to think, all these students calling for diploma-privilege would miss out on formative experiences like this…

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