Previously Delightful Neighborly Dispute Takes Inevitable Turn To The Dark And Gross

Given the sheer breadth of the allegations variously lobbed at one another by retiring hedge fund manager Louis Bacon and his Bahamian neighbor, Canadian discount fashion mogul Peter Nygard, over the past decade-plus, it’s easy to the think there is hardly a crime or immorality alleged against one side or both left. After all, Bacon has accused Nygard of environmental degradation, defamation, a campaign of terror and physical violence, vandalism, breaking-and-entering, contempt of court, arson, buying off the Bahamian government and attempted murder, and Nygard has responded with allegations of Ku Klux Klan grand wizardry, deployment of military-grade speakers, narcotics dealing, insider-trading, weaponized journalism, arson, buying off the Bahamian government, attempted murder and actual murder.

There is, however, one explosive accusation yet made: sex trafficking, specifically in underage, impoverished girls. In a way, given how long this has all gone on, its absence from the above list is pretty amazing, given Nygard’s personally-attested sexual voraciousness, the numerous allegations of sexual assault made against him over the decades, and the fact that sexually assaulting children is one reason rich guys own secluded island getaways.

As it turns out, however, Bacon and his team have been working diligently for five years to correct the omission.

In late 2015, they hired TekStratex, a new Texas security firm, to push American law enforcement officials to investigate him for sex trafficking…. The F.B.I. looked into Mr. Nygard twice, but only briefly. In April 2016, the Department of Homeland Security dug in…. Despite the Bacons’ efforts, the Homeland Security investigation fizzled after nine months, suspended because of “unforeseen circumstances” and “lack of prosecutorial evidence,” according to an agency email.

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