Morning Docket: 12.23.19

* Right now, one out of every four circuit judges in the United States is a Trump appointee. [Washington Post]

* Some scholars are arguing President Trump cannot be considered impeached until articles of impeachment are sent to the Senate. Legal experts make things so confusing. [Fox News]

*An Alabama judge has been arrested for stealing nearly $50,000, and he left a paper trail of about 70 checks proving his misdeeds. This judge should leave criminal acts to the professionals. [News Maven]

* A FISA court judge has ordered the Justice Department to turn over materials related to an F.B.I. lawyer connected with the Carter Page investigation. [New York Times]

* An attorney convicted of shooting a fellow club patron has been sentenced to prison. Wouldn’t want to be in court with this lawyer… [The Oklahoman]

* An NYC realtor is suing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for allegedly stiffing him on a hefty commission. [New York Post]

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