Morning Docket: 09.13.22 – Above the LawAbove the Law

Businessman seating on a train beside window and working

Businessman seating on a train beside window and working

* Whose Flight Is It, Anyway?: Lawsuit aims to enforce minimum seat sizes among airlines. Looking at you Spirit and Frontier. [Reuters]

* Remember Independent state legislative theory? That’s still a thing, and it looms darker than before. Like fair elections? Pay attention.  [Common Dreams]

* The DOJ subpoenaed over 30 people related to Trump’s mucking about. Somebody is gonna fold, and Twitter will be ablaze. [CNN]

* Reporting sexual assault is hard enough as is without the risk of a kit being used against you. [The Guardian]

* Sotomayor has temporarily weighted in on the nuanced question of if Yeshiva University has a religious right to discriminate against their student’s affiliations. This is a good primer. [Vox]

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