Morning Docket: 05.04.20

* Sadly, it looks like they won’t be making a TV series based on the movie Lincoln Lawyer. Maybe they can just work plot lines into those car commercials with Matthew McConaughey. [Deadline]

* Megan Markle is facing setbacks in her privacy litigation against a British tabloid. [NBC News]

* A lawyer is in hot water after writing a will that named himself the primary beneficiary of a $1.7 million estate. That attorney could use an ethics refresher… [Washington Post]

* If you are looking on LinkedIn for legal freelance opportunities, be sure to check out this article. [Silicon Valley Business Journal]

* Microsoft is facing a class action lawsuit alleging that some XBox controllers are defective. Gamers should receive damages for pain and suffering, gaming is a welcome diversion from COVID-19. [Screen Rant]

* Michael Cohen has been denied early prison release after indicating he will publish a “tell-all” book about President Trump. Guess Cohen doesn’t need to worry about confidentiality since his disbarment… [Business Insider]

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