Morning Docket: 04.28.20 | Above the Law

* A former lawyer for Apple, who was responsible for enforcing Apple’s insider trading policy, is ironically making far-fetched arguments to dismiss his own insider trading indictment. [Bloomberg Law]

* Nursing homes are seeking immunity from lawsuits relating to the care they provide during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. [NBC News]

* Mother Teresa’s lawyer has asked a GOP politician to stop using her image in campaign media. Hope that attorney is working pro bono… [Newsweek]

* A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed claiming that a man died of salmonella after eating a tainted chicken enchilada. [Insurance Journal]

* A new class action alleges that some Costco, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe’s stores hiked up egg prices amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Sounds like they have “eggcellent” grounds for relief (this is my second egg pun in the past several days). [Business Insider]

* A top NRA lawyer was successfully able to have a sanctions order overturned on appeal. Bet he’s happy he stuck to his guns… [Washington Post]

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