Morning Docket: 04.24.20

* The lawyer who sued Florida’s governor over COVID-19-related closures will be wearing a Grim Reaper outfit on beaches to warn people about social distancing. Wonder if he’ll need a mask with that costume. [NBC News]

* An attorney, and former managing partner at a New Jersey law firm, has pleaded guilty to tax evasion to the tune of $250,000. [New Jersey Law Journal]

* A new lawsuit alleges that New York City jail workers are being forced to work 24-hour shifts in a “cesspool of illness.” It’s a horrible situation, and you have to hand it to the lawyers for that colorful language. [New York Post]

* The Texas Attorney General’s Office filed a lawsuit accusing the largest U.S. egg producer of price gouging. Whoever loses the lawsuit may end up with egg on their face… [Wall Street Journal]

* The search continues for a Chicago-area attorney who went missing a month ago. [Chicago Tribune]

* A lawyer who lost her law license for losing a briefcase of sensitive documents on a train is appealing her case. Unless this lawyer lost the nuclear football, her punishment seems kind of harsh. [Legal Week]

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