Morning Docket: 04.23.20

* The prosecutor who resigned over a sentencing memo in the Roger Stone case has joined the DC Attorney General’s Office. Seems like he landed on his feet. [Hill]

* A New Jersey lawyer cannot be readmitted to practice unless he shows that his wife has no access to his accounts, checkbooks, and other financial records. There must be a good story behind this… [ABA Journal]

* A federal judge has dismissed a malicious prosecution claim filed by Jussie Smollett stemming from the attack he allegedly staged to increase his profile. [USA Today]

* A Kentucky lawyer has been charged with making terroristic threats after allegedly threatening Kentucky’s governor. This attorney should brush up on his constitutional law. [Hill]

* Dozens of in-house lawyers are agreeing to pay cuts in order to help their companies deal with issues created by COVID-19. [Bloomberg Law]

* A knife-wielding lawyer allegedly forced a journalist to delete footage of this attorney at a shelter-at-home protest. Guess this lawyer took the law into his own hands… [New York Post]

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