Morning Docket: 04.22.20

* A lawyer who got ejected from the Second Circuit last year is asking the Supreme Court to hear his case. Since the high court is conducting arguments by phone currently, maybe he’ll just get hung up on. [New York Law Journal]

* A lawyer who stole $128,000 from a mentally ill client has been suspended from practice. [Bloomberg Law]

* Missouri has become the first U.S. state to sue China over the COVID-19 pandemic. Not sure this is a distinction to be proud of. [U.S. News and World Report]

* A Texas judge has been forced to take down a rainbow flag after an attorney filed a complaint and compared the symbol to a swastika and Confederate flag. [Hill]

* Attorney General Barr has called stay-at-home orders “disturbingly close to house arrest” and the Justice Department might take actions against states that go too far. [NBC News]

* Lawyers are having a difficult time determining if COVID-19 is an act of God. Maybe they should subpoena the almighty to get more clarity… [Bloomberg Law]

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