Morning Docket: 04.17.20

* President Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen will be released from prison early over COVID-19 concerns. He will still be under house arrest, which is not unlike the situation of many people right now… [NBC News]

* Speaking of which, R. Kelly’s lawyer is trying to get the incarcerated singer cut loose because of COVID-19 and says R. Kelly thinks he’ll die of coronavirus in prison. [New York Daily News]

* It’s been a decade since the Deepwater Horizon explosion, and the Mark Wahlberg movie would be a lot more boring if it just covered the legal battles that ensued from the incident. [Texas Lawyer]

* Check out this Boston lawyer who is volunteering 20 hours a week at Massachusetts General Hospital to give back during the COVID-19 pandemic. []

* New York’s Appellate Division, First Department, will be going all virtual for the foreseeable future. Hope they still have that nifty light system to tell attorneys how much time they have left. [New York Law Journal]

* The trial of Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes has been delayed because of COVID-19. Thankfully, Theranos isn’t around to make faulty COVID-19 tests… [CNN]

* Joe Exotic, star of the Netflix docuseries Tiger King, has asked a federal judge for access to a computer and a law library in prison. If he gets a computer, his first priority should be making another music video. [TMZ]

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