Morning Docket: 04.10.20

* Michael Cohen, President Trump’s incarcerated former lawyer, has been moved to a Special Housing Unit (“SHU”) after a confrontation with another prisoner. Fans of Orange is the New Black should know what that is. [Fox News]

* The Supreme Court is facing challenges about how to function during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. [New York Times]

* A Brooklyn judge allegedly balked at social distancing guidelines in his courtroom just two weeks before he died from COVID-19. [New York Daily News]

* Actors playing “Walking Dead” zombies at Universal Studios have sued the park claiming that Universal promotes an environment that encourages guests to fight and grope the actors. [Daily Beast]

* Doulingo, the popular language-learning company, has picked it’s new general counsel. Hope he knows that money is the universal language… [Corporate Counsel]

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