Morning Docket: 04.08.20

* A Florida judge has tossed a lawsuit claiming that the governor of Florida couldn’t close the state’s beaches because of COVID-19. Looks like people will have to hit tanning beds instead of beaches…it’s an essential service, right? [Orlando Sentinel]

* A federal judge has ordered the inspection of DC jails amid concerns that prison officials are not doing enough to prevent the spread of COVID-19. [Washington Post]

* The family of a Walmart employee has filed a wrongful death lawsuit after the employee died from COVID-19. [NBC News]

* StubHub is another one of the long list of businesses facing class action lawsuits for allegedly not treating customers fairly when it comes to dealing with issues involving COVID-19. [Billboard]

* Officials in Los Angeles have settled a lawsuit with a company claiming that they had accurate in-home test kits that could detect antibodies for COVID-19. [Los Angeles Daily News]

* A lawyer with no park experience will now be in charge of the Grand Canyon. What does this attorney really need to know other than not to fall in? [Washington Post]

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