Morning Docket: 04.03.20

* An Amazon lawyer has called a fired strike organizer “not smart or articulate.” Those are some fighting words! [CNBC]

* Federal Defenders are asking Attorney General Barr to take action on the release of inmates because of COVID-19. [Forbes]

* Video game publisher Activision has emerged victorious in a lawsuit alleging that it violated trademarks by portraying Humvees in Call of Duty. Clearly, the Founders intended the First Amendment to apply to video games. [Gamespot]

* Experts are already opining about who Joe Biden might appoint to the Supreme Court. Seems like they are putting the cart before the horse… [LA Times]

* Check out this interesting primer on how to write a brief like George Conway III. [Brief Catch]

* The Foxwood Resort Casino has hired a new general counsel, right in time to deal with legal issues surrounding COVID-19. [Bloomberg Law]

* Bankruptcy lawyers are gearing up for more work due to the fallout from COVID-19. It must be pretty wild to benefit from the economic downturn. [Wall Street Journal]

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