Morning Docket: 04.02.20

* Even though RBG has continued to hit the gym during the COVID-19 pandemic, Justice Breyer has been cooped up at his home cooking pot roast, having video nights with his grandkids, and going on an occasional jog while maintaining social distance. [Wall Street Journal]

* A Texas pastor has filed a lawsuit seeking to hold religious services despite shelter-in-place orders related to COVID-19. [Daily Mail]

* Austrian authorities are facing a class-action lawsuit over their handling of a massive COVID-19 outbreak at a popular ski resort. Avoiding COVID-19 can be my latest excuse to avoid hitting the slopes… [CNN]

* A federal judge has publicly reprimanded a lawyer for threatening opposing counsel and falsely claiming that anti-semitic insults were made against him. [Reuters]

* Despite earlier efforts to stay open, Hobby Lobby stores in certain locations will be closed amid shelter-in-place orders enacted because of COVID-19. [CBS News]

* Law enforcement is warning that anyone who attempts to avoid an arrest or citation by faking COVID-19 symptoms could face serious consequences. We’ve all tried to get out of a ticket at some point, but this is really low. [ABC News]

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