Morning Docket: 03.27.20

* A federal judge ripped litigants in a copyright infringement lawsuit involving images of unicorns, arguing that a hearing in the case can wait until after the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided. It seems doubtful that images of unicorns, like toilet paper, are flying off the shelves right now. [New York Post]

* A federal court has dismissed a lawsuit filed by comedian Mo’Nique alleging that Netflix gave her a low offer because of her race and gender. [Daily Beast]

* Hiring partners are currently interviewing candidates through videoconferencing and may extend offers without meeting candidates in person because of COVID-19. [American Lawyer]

* A Houston auction house that hosted the sale of medical masks and other protective gear has become the subject of a deceptive trade practices lawsuit filed by the Texas Attorney General. [Bloomberg Law]

* A lawyer turned rower is aiming to row across the entire Atlantic Ocean. She is going to miss out on a lot of billable hours… [Yahoo News]

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