Morning Docket: 03.26.20

* The star of the hit Netflix docuseries The Tiger King has filed a lawsuit alleging that he was framed as part of a massive conspiracy. Now I really need to watch series… [TMZ]

* Lawyers are predicting that social isolation will lead to higher divorce rates in the months to come. [CNBC]

* It seems that along with divorce attorneys, wills and estates lawyers are in high demand because of COVID-19, and certain attorneys are preparing so many wills that some are being signed on the hood of a Porsche. [Bloomberg Law]

* The attorneys general from 33 states have sent a letter to Amazon, Walmart, and others asking them to crack down on price gouging related to COVID-19. [NPR]

* Federal officials are forcing attorneys to wear gloves, masks, and other protective gear to represent clients in certain immigration detention centers. However, some attorneys argue that this could be taking equipment away from healthcare workers. [Denver Post]

* A Native American tribe has sued a group of insurance companies seeking coverage for casino closures under a business interruption policy. Depending on the policy language, this could be a huge gamble… [Insurance Journal]

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