Morning Docket: 03.25.20

* A federal judge has denied Michael Cohen’s request to be released from prison early, even though his lawyers argued that Cohen risks exposure to COVID-19 if he continues to be confined. Well, it was worth a try. [Yahoo News]

* A Department of Justice lawyer has lost a defamation lawsuit against The New York Times, which reported that the attorney made unwelcome advances against an intern. [New York Daily News]

* Attorneys for the Houston Astros are fighting fans who are suing the franchise over a sign-stealing controversy. Shouldn’t the fans be happy the team is doing everything it can to succeed? [Yahoo News]

* A Pennsylvania attorney is accused of running a $2.7 Million Ponzi scheme. [ABC News]

* The Supreme Court ruled yesterday that North Carolina cannot be sued because it copied videos of the salvage operation of a ship once sailed by Blackbeard. Guess the Supreme Court ruled that one kind of “piracy” is okay… [NPR]

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