Morning Docket: 03.19.20

* Three Utah County prosecutors have resigned after a defense attorney paid for their tickets to see the Utah Jazz. If you’re going to forfeit your job over some graft, it should be way more valuable than some measly basketball tickets… [Salt Lake Tribune]

* The attorney at the heart of the New Rochelle COVID-19 cluster is awake and recovering well. [New York Post]

* Netflix is facing a lawsuit filed by the prosecutor involved in the infamous Central Park jogger case because the Netflix series dramatizing the matter allegedly depicted the prosecutor in a bad light. [Guardian]

* Katy Perry has defeated a lawsuit alleging that she plagiarized one of her songs from a Christian artist. There’s a South Park reference in here somewhere… [Christian Post]

* A company that bought Theranos patents is using them to sue a company that is working on COVID-19 tests. Seems like a worthy legacy for Theranos. [Business Insider]

* The Baltimore State’s Attorney will stop prosecuting drug possession, prostitution, and other crimes because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This would have made a great plot line in The Wire. [Baltimore Sun]

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