Morning Docket: 03.13.2020

* The feds are accusing a North Carolina tax lawyer of being a chronic tax cheat. If anyone can argue his way out of that pickle, it’s the accused tax lawyer. [Charlotte Observer]

* A prominent lawyer who was with Jeffrey Epstein days before his death does not believe Epstein committed suicide. [Fox News]

* The Vermont Attorney General is suing a facial recognition company over privacy concerns. [Hill]

* An Oregon man has been sentenced to 15 years for the 2009 killing of a federal public defender. [Oregonian]

* The New York Attorney General has asked Alex Jones to stop selling toothpaste he claims can fight coronavirus. [New York Post]

* Tesla is facing a lawsuit alleging that Model 3s didn’t have the advertised self-driving computer. These cars are so expensive, they ought to have a computer like Knight Rider. [Electrek]

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