Morning Docket: 03.12.20 | Above the Law

* Michael Avenatti’s lawyer is afraid to visit him in jail over coronavirus fears. And Avenatti has a substantial need for legal counsel right now… [New York Post]

* A District Attorney is launching a price gouging investigation over price increases related to coronavirus. [NBC News]

* Since Above the Law no longer has a regular lawyerly lairs segment, I feel it is my duty to convey that the house of a founder of 1-800-LAWYERS has hit the market. [New York Post]

* The California Attorney General is dropping a lawsuit over the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint. [LA Times]

* The New York GOP has filed an attorney ethics complaint against Senator Chuck Schumer for making alleged threats against Supreme Court justices. [New York Post]

* Check out this piece on an attorney who decided to open up a doughnut shop. That’s one way to make dough… [NBC News]

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