Morning Docket: 03.05.20

* A Nassau County judge has dismissed a lawsuit against Robert Durst brought by members of his wife’s Kathie’s family for the alleged murder of Kathie and the disposal of her body. Please let there be another season of The Jinx. [New York Post]

* President Trump is apparently happy that former attorney general Jeff Sessions didn’t win the Alabama Senate primary outright and needs to face a runoff vote. [Washington Post]

* A lawyer is accused of stealing millions of dollars from an estate he was managing in order to pay for cosmetic surgery and gambling trips to Vegas and elsewhere. Guess when it comes to stealing, you gotta go big or go home… [Dayton Daily News]

* President Trump is arguing that a lawsuit involving sexual assault allegations against Trump should be put on hold. [ABC News]

* A lawyer accused of sexual harassment alleges that the accuser created a hostile environment by hanging a giant penis in an attorney’s office. The accused’s nickname around the office was also apparently “Douchebag McBully.” [Vice]

* A federal judge has tossed a lawsuit filed by Tulsi Gabbard against Google for briefly suspending her campaign ads. Maybe she would have gotten more delegates in American Somoa if the ads weren’t suspended… [The Hill]

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