Morning Docket: 02.26.20

* Michael Avenatti’s lawyer has indicated that his client has been released from solitary confinement. Guess this will help Avenatti prepare for his other criminal trials… [CNN]

* A lawsuit alleges that Florida should not count primary votes for Bernie Sanders since he is not a true Democrat. [USA Today]

* The judge overseeing the Roger Stone criminal case seemed skeptical about Stone’s request for a new trial. [Guardian]

* Julian Assange’s lawyer claims the U.S. wanted to kill the Wikileaks founder and make it look like an accident. Seems a little paranoid. [New York Post]

* The Supreme Court has tossed a lawsuit over the cross-border killing of a teen. [Reuters]

* A University of Maryland student is alleging in a lawsuit that the school knowingly served her gluten even though she had celiac disease. South Park fans know some of the symptoms of eating gluten… [WUSA9]

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