Morning Docket: 02.24.20

* The American Bar Association has won a lawsuit establishing that ABA employees qualify for public service loan forgiveness. It would have been kind of embarrassing if a group of lawyers lost this case… [Forbes]

* Joe Biden is receiving some flak for wrongly stating that his late son was the Attorney General of the United States. [Fox News]

* A number of Republican state attorneys general are trying to block the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. [ABC News]

* A $14 million settlement has been proposed in a class action concerning inmates masturbating in front of Cook County public defenders. [Chicago Sun Times]

* Justice Sotomayor wrote a scathing dissent on Friday criticizing the government for allegedly abusing the emergency application process at the Supreme Court. [Bloomberg]

* A minor league baseball team has revoked the tickets of a law firm that filed a case against the franchise on behalf of a client. This seems kind of petty. [The Athletic]

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