Morning Docket: 02.17.22 – Above the LawAbove the Law

Gun Bullets* Shall be infringed: The DOJ is suing Missouri over passing a law that just straight up ignores federal gun laws. [NPR]

* I never forget a face: Clearview thinks it will be able to recognize everyone once it hits 100 billion photos. It is gonna be hard to explain the 4th Amendment to children in the future. [WaPo]

* De-ttorney’d: Suge Knight’s former attorney loses law license for life as part of a plea deal on a conspiracy and perjury charges. Guess that’s the tradeoff for fewer CEOs dancing in your videos. [Yahoo!]

* If you build it, they will come back: Biglaw firms are announcing their comeback expectations for their employees. [Reuters]

* Now that it’s cool for soccer moms to get baked, Virginia is figuring out the equitable way to deal with prior weed-related criminal charges. [VPM]

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