Morning Docket: 01.30.20

* John Bolton’s lawyer disputes allegations from the National Security Council that Bolton’s new book contains confidential information. [Hill]

* The criminal trial of Michael Avenatti has begun, and the allegations are pretty juicy. [New York Post]

* A Syracuse man has decided to sack his court-appointed attorney and boycott his own trial. Seems like this self-represented defendant may have a fool for a client… []

* A lawyer saved a hawk who flew into a building in Brooklyn occupied by the U.S. Attorney’s office. This lawyer kind of gives new meaning to the term “legal eagle.” [New York Daily News]

* Hillary Clinton has so far been able to successfully duck process servers trying to serve her with papers related to the defamation lawsuit filed by Tulsi Gabbard. [New York Post]

* Facebook has agreed to a $550 Million settlement of a facial recognition class action lawsuit. How do we get in on that money?? [USA Today]

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