Morning Docket: 01.17.20

* Harvey Weinstein is attempting to move his criminal trial outside of New York City, citing the intense publicity of the matter. Fairly sure every community in America knows about Weinsten’s case. [Fox News]

* Lawyers in a class action against Aramark are getting more than just free food, filings provide for $5 million in cheddar as counsel fees. [Philadelphia Inquirer]

* The Florida Supreme Court has ruled that felons need to pay all costs associated with their sentences before having their right to vote restored. [CBS News]

* A attorney has been disbarred for continuing to practice despite being suspended for failing to pay bar dues and neglecting to register with the New York Bar. This is a stern reminder to pay all bar dues. [Albany Times Union]

* A man serving life in prison has been granted a new trial because his lawyer was racist. [San Francisco Chronicle]

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