Morning Docket: 01.03.20

* A lawyer removed from Second Circuit oral arguments last month has petitioned for an en banc review of the matter he was arguing. If at first you don’t succeed… [New York Law Journal]

* An attorney argued that a Manhattan building was safe months before debris fell from a facade killing a woman on the sidewalk below. [Wall Street Journal]

* Adult film actresses have won a multi-million dollar verdict against a website that allegedly deceived them into being filmed. [Washington Times]

* Over 200 members of Congress have asked the Supreme Court to reconsider its landmark Roe v. Wade ruling. That’s not how the system works. [CNN]

* The Kentucky Attorney General has asked the FBI to investigate the ex-governor’s pardons after he went on a pardoning spree before leaving office. [USA Today]

* A woman is suing Marriott for allegedly forcing her to sign a “no party policy” because of her race. Apparently, there ain’t no party like a Marriott party. [Fox News]

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