Mental Health Issues Take Center Stage At Harvard Law School

Although we can never eliminate stress or worry entirely, we can aspire to reduce the stigma associated with mental health challenges, to help students better care for themselves and their peers, and to provide the robust continuum of wellness and mental health resources that students need to thrive at [Harvard Law School].

— from a report based upon a mental health survey at Harvard Law School, the results of the 2017 survey were published late this month. The study revealed high rates of mental health issues at the elite law school, namely that ~60 percent of respondents reported signs of depressions. Additionally, over 50 percent of respondent reported signs of anxiety. In an email to law students, dean John Manning revealed a path forward based on the data, “The report provides us with a good sense of where we stand in the broader context of the profession, legal education, and graduate education more generally… Through a series of thoughtful recommendations, the Working Group also lays out an initial framework for addressing the mental health and well-being challenges on our campus. They further identify some things we can do right away to improve student well-being.”

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