Major International Law Firm’s Instagram Account Taken Over By Dancing Kid

Working from home isn’t easy. I think this far into our self isolation/social distancing experiment we can all admit that. And those of you, erm, locked up with families have it even worse. Tiny spaces, boredom, a pandemic, and kids just don’t mix well. One family has also learned the hard way that it can create an epic social media faux pas.

As revealed by Roll on Friday, an employee at Simmons & Simmons, a U.K.-based firm with $500,311,000 in 2018 gross revenue making them 93rd on the Global 200, had his phone hijacked by his daughter who then, in turn, took over the Simmons & Simmons Instagram account with some sick dance moves. Taking place in a backyard, the daughter broadcast her skills to the musical stylings of U.K. artist Wiley’s song Heatwave, featuring vocals by Ms D.

The good folks at Roll on Friday have a breakdown of exactly what happened on the now deleted post (because of course):

The live show captures ‘Lil D’ dancing to, “On my body, on my body, put your hands up on my body” until mum ruins everything by stopping the music.

“Mum! Muuum”, complains Lil D, “What did you dooo?”

“Get off the phone”, replies the girl’s mother. Lil D responds by turning the music back on, jumping into the frame and continuing to work it for her concert fans.

“Where’s my phone?” asks mum. “Your work phone’s there”, replies her daughter. “Where’s my other phone?” “There!” shouts Lil D, still grooving.

There is a panicked pause from mum. “Are you on instagram?”

“Yeah”, replies the girl, and mum grabs the phone.

“Wait!” cries Lil D.

Mum’s face looms into shot as the girl keeps on dancing in the background.

“Are you on, um…”, asks mum, with a distinct sliver of doubt in her voice. At which point her daughter grabs back the phone and dashes into the house, giggling.

“Oi!” shouts her father. Lil D stops. “Wait, is this your work one?”, she asks innocently.

“Yes!” screams dad. “Oh”, remarks the chastened girl, and the video feed cuts out on the best post which Simmons & Simmons has produced, or ever will.

In case the written word doesn’t quite capture the essence of this WFH snafu, a recording (with all the parties’ faces blurred) of the IG live show is available.

While Simmons & Simmons hasn’t commented on the incident, I, for one, think it’s great. It’s the most relatable thing that’s happened in Biglaw in, like, forever.

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