Louise Linton Confirms That Her Husband Is Kind Of An A-Hole

Being married to Steve Mnuchin means having to at the very least get used to all sorts of unsavory things. Evicting people from their homes, watching him preside over the death of American institutions, spending time with his weirdo buddy and murderous dictators and Monica Crowley and also Donald Trump, seeing your father-in-law break down in tears at the mention of your husband’s name, numerous and sundry other humiliations, to say nothing of the gift-wrapped boxes of dogshit on her porch. And Louise Linton puts up with all of it—and we mean all of it—because she’s not exactly the best person on earth herself, and also because she occasionally gets to take glamour shots like these. But the self-professed “Humanitarian & Animal welfare activist” and “Pro-Environment” person draws the line at making fun of teenagers with whom she happens to agree and share a lack of an economics degree.

A post on Linton’s verified Instagram account, which has since been deleted, reads, “I stand with Greta on this issue. (I don’t have a degree in economics either) We need to drastically reduce our use of fossil fuels. Keep up the fight @gretathunberg.”

Very brave for a few minutes, there, Louise. For what it’s worth, Steve Mnuchin does have a degree in economics, not that you’d be able to tell from his performance as Treasury Secretary.

Louise Linton sides with Greta Thunberg after husband Steve Mnuchin takes jab at climate crisis activist [CNN]

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