Local Hedge Fund Manager Demands Economy Reopen, But Definitely Not For Selfish Reasons

Like a lot of people, Ricky Sandler’s had a rough few months. Quite bullish on stocks at the beginning of the year, the COVID-19 pandemic and related economic shutdown battered his portfolio. This, combined with being cooped up inside, has made him, like many others, reflect upon what should come next.

We protect the vulnerable population and then allow and even encourage the rest of the population to get back to normal life. With proper coordination, I can envision popular recording artists hosting virus relief concerts where young and healthy people go and hopefully get the virus and then the antibodies which allow them to donate blood to be used as a treatment or a prophylactic. Some of these people may even benefit as they are new to learn they have some compromise in their immune system. Citizens that don’t feel comfortable reengaging in the economy are free to wear masks and gloves to the grocery store and continue to shelter in place. Widespread testing should be available soon, so we know if it’s safe to visit our friends and family. But in plan B, those citizens that are comfortable go back to life as we know it with no restrictions. Individuals protect themselves and their families if they are worried. Businesses and institutions protect their employees including the vulnerable the best way possible.

But Ricky, you might say, if you are paying more attention to things than Ricky is, isn’t that the now widely discredited Swedish model, only souped-up to include adult chickenpox parties that will kill at least some of those revelers? Does this, perhaps, have something to do with your interest in recouping your losses and saving that rare and endangered species of which you count yourself a member, stock-picking hedge fund managers? Does this not make you no better than Elon Musk and Kelly Loeffler?

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