Lawyers, You Should Go Ahead And Call Your Grandma

It’s always good to keep up with Legal Evolution, a blog edited by Indiana-Maurer’s Professor Bill Henderson. A great repository of commentary on legal industry innovation, often with a heavy dose of hard data which is generally lacking when lawyers talk about themselves.

With layoff stories coming at us from every angle these days, a video posted on the site this week offers a nice change up and reminds everyone to put things in perspective and do something nice. It’s a “call to action” video from Professor Henderson’s class and it asks everyone to take the time out of their day to remember to reach out to older folks — an important message generally but an especially poignant one now, with seniors often locked away from contact with the outside world.

As we close out the week of bad news and snark, here’s something nice and genuine.

A nursing home changed this law student’s life (149) [Legal Evolution]

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