Law School Student Goes Public With Her COVID-19 Diagnosis

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[O]n Sunday, the 22nd, I got the call that I had tested positive. I was honestly relieved, because at that point I had spun myself into, was I being dramatic? Was I insane? I’m just really happy I didn’t go home to be with my parents.

I ended up posting a message on my Instagram story that I had tested positive. There’s a shift in people when it begins to affect their social circles. You really do need to take it seriously. I can go back outside when my symptoms have subsided for seven days, so Saturday, but I’ll still be social distancing. It was a relief knowing I did the right thing.

— Sarah Moore, a third-year student at Boston College Law School, sharing her experience of what it was like to get sick with coronavirus. Moore reports that after a week spent in Ireland for spring break, she came down with a fever and began to have difficulty breathing. She found it difficult to get tested for COVID-19 despite her symptoms.

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