Kyle Bass Thinks There’s A Place The Coronavirus Could Do Some Real Good

If you were wondering whether someone could go Wilbur Ross one better and just start outright rooting for Chinese people to die, wonder no more.

“We should take our supplies and go back home. Let the chinese virus rampage through the ranks of the GT and the rest of the communist party,” the founder and chief investment officer of Dallas-based Hayman Capital Management wrote.

In fairness to Kyle Bass, he was obviously speaking out of anger: He was really, really hoping that President Trump’s trade deal with China would fall apart, not because he’s a particular fan of the president, but because he’s convinced that any deal with the Chinese is a lifeline keeping their economy afloat, and also one that they will inevitably flout. Plus, you could argue that the editor of the Chinese Communist Party’s Global Times started it by complaining about the U.S. government’s “belated” aid for the coronavirus outbreak in western China that has killed more than 800 people and countless vacation plans.

Plus, Bass did delete the tweet and clarified that he doesn’t actually want the “rank and file” of the Global Times to get sick and die. He did, however, draw the line at actually apologizing for his (at best) arguably insensitive wish.

In an emailed statement to Bloomberg News addressing his spat with Hu, he said he deleted the tweet because he “felt that it was too harsh for the rank and file” of the Global Times, but that he will “never apologize to a self-righteous, attempted manipulator of public opinion,” referring to Hu.

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