Just How Fulsome Was Jes Staley’s Description Of His Ties To Jeffrey Epstein To British Regulators?

The authorities in the United Kingdom have no interest in looking into the relations of a literal (if only formal) member of their governing hierarchy had with possible financier and noted dead pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, a disinterest that will be maintained at least until those American law enforcers so eager to sit down for a cup of tea and some tough questions with Prince Andrew get around to asking for their help, assuming they ever do. But they are quite interested in the ties between Epstein and the American head of one of their banks, Barclays CEO Jes Staley.

Staley, of course, was a longtime friend of Epstein’s and occasional guest at his private Caribbean island, which may or may not have been nothing more than a beachy venue for trafficking in sex with underage girls away from prying eyes. And Staley was intimately involved in the one piece of actual business we know Epstein transacted, helping his buddy Glenn Dubin—who has since retired so as to never have to answer a question about Epstein again—find a buyer for his hedge fund, specifically one Jes Staley, then a top JPMorgan Chase executive.

Anyway, since none of the aforementioned sex stuff appears to have happened on British soil, and since Staley himself has not been tied to even an Epstein-arranged massage while wearing underpants, the Bobbies haven’t knocked on Staley’s door. But the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority have, and would like to know what, exactly, he told certain whos about his relationship with Epstein, and when.

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