Important eDiscovery Trends And Insights

eDiscovery has evolved a great deal over the past decade, and it’s now how lawyers are able to quickly comb through the troves of data that are involved in large-scale litigation. Today’s eDiscovery software allows lawyers to review documents efficiently, using advanced analytics while collaborating with their teammates.

Everlaw, the leading eDiscovery software-as-a-service platform, recently published a white paper offering an in-depth analysis of user behaviors and trends from 2019-2020. Here are just a few things that were gleaned from the study:

  • Automation and efficiency are integral to helping law firms and corporations handle ediscovery needs.
  • Collaboration is becoming increasingly important in the face of a complex, global world.
  • Advanced analytics enable legal teams to accelerate review and identify the most valuable information in complex troves of documents.

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