If You Survive This, You Might Be An Accredited Investor On The Other Side

If there are any hedge funds left at the end of the great coronavirus plague of 2020 (and that’s no sure thing), we have some good news for that battered industry. Of those humans who survive the pandemic and still have money to invest, a greater proportion will be permitted to take their chances on alts.

A plan by the Securities & Exchange Commission to expand the universe of investors accredited to invest in alternative investments such as private equity, venture capital, and hedge funds could be finalized this year….

The comment period for the SEC action ends on April 24…. Craig Siegenthaler, a Credit Suisse analyst, said in a report that the final proposal could be released by the third quarter.

Of course, whether this actually increases the total number of accredited investors or just serves to make up for those lost to, uh, attrition, remains to be seen.

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