Hero Law School Professor Aims To End The Boredom Of Online Classes

The reality of 2020 is that schools — even law schools — have moved online. Perhaps in person instruction will resurface before the end of the semester, maybe, but for now the reality is online classes.

Zoom School of Law is a mixed bag. Professors were not prepared to move their classes online due to a pandemic. Students are finding it’s even harder to concentrate from home with the constant blitz of coronavirus news as a backdrop than it ever was in the physical law school building. Plus there’s the constant stress and anxiety as no one knows exactly how or when this will end or what long term impact it will have on society — and on law school grades.

Alex Nunn, law professor at University of Arkansas School of Law, understands. And rather that force students to still through another boring lecture, he’s decided to spice it up. What does that mean? There are graphics, obvi, but more importantly it’s sprinkled with humor about the impending apocalypse making it a true gem.

Anyway, watch the two minute preview of the class. It’s definitely worth your chickens and pedialyte.

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Stay safe out there, and wash your hands!

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